Environmental Policy 

Much like you do, we deeply care about preserving and conserving the environment by making products that are affordable and healthy for today and tomorrows generation.

 From greener supply chains to lowering nasties in foods we constantly think of new ideas to help mother nature in her fight to make our planet more sustainable.

We set targets to make sure we keep our promises to make our planet a little better to live on. By 2022 we commit to making our planet a better one to live in: 

Plastic not so fantastic

  • Our fight against plastic waste to reduce 250 tonnes of plastic by 2022 from our range

  • We plan to remove plastic shrink wraps and replace with new plastic-free tray only.

  • We are moving from plastic pouch drinks to tetra carton to, natures renewable packaging

  • We plan to switch to biodegradable straws for our drink’s ranges. It is important for us to protect your little ones’ teeth and the environment around them.

Making things better

  • Working together with factories that commit to a zero-waste policy.

  • Moving factories nearer to our customers where possible to reduce the length of transport between you and our goods: reducing 42 tons of CO2 emissions from our supply chain.

Honestly good

  • Reformulating our products to reduce sugars across our kids ranges by 5780 tonnes of sugar.

  • We also aim to cut over 2 billion calories from our products

We do this by using stevia, which also provides our farmers with greener jobs Stevia (if you didn’t know) is a natural calorie-free alternative to sugar and sweeteners which can help reduce tooth decay and lower the chances of other sugar related problems.

Working Together to Achieve A Sustainable Future with Palm Oil

We know our customers care about the ingredients used in our products in which they buy, such as palm oil and where it comes from and how it is used.

When products contain palm oil it means they are more likely to cause a lot of damage to the rainforest and the animals that live in them including some of the world’s most endangered species like orangutans.

The way palm oil is grown for harvesting, means millions of tonnes of greenhouse gasses are added to our planet causing climate change. 

Here at Appy Kids Co, as a core part of our approach we are committed to doing things better by switching to responsible production practices that limit the need for using ingredients that can damage the environment in which we live in, whilst also making sure we look after the planet your little ones will grow up in. We take full responsibility by investing and taking action with our supply chain and working towards the non-usage of palm oil where possible. 

We respect both nature and people. By adopting a pro-people and environment approach, means we will continue to do our best to contribute to a more sustainable planet. We are on the parents’ side and on mother nature’s side.

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